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Introducing Bruce A. Hawes

We have the pleasure to introduce you to Bruce A, Hawes. He has worked with scores of artists for over 4 decades. 


Mr. Hawes music legacy includes hits by Tupac Shakur, Mar J. Blige, LL Cool J, The Spinners, R  Kelly and hundred of  famous, well known recording artists and new artists. 

Let Bruce Hawes help you become the superstar you are destined to be.   









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  • Tupac: Resurrection (2003) * – Soundtrack Warner/Chappell Music
  • Tupac: Resurrection (2003) * – Soundtrack Warner/Chappell Music
  • Paris Is Burning * – Background Music
  • Summer Of Sam * – Soundtrack ComposerWarner?Chappell Music
  • Crooklyn * – Soundtrack ComposerWarner/Chappell Music
  • Jo Jo Dancer * – Soundtrack ComposerWarner/Chappell Music
  • Fighting Temptation * – Soundtrack ComposerWarner/Chappell Music
  • Late Night With David Letterman * – Show-Band Music ComposerWarner/Chappell Music
  • Bernie Mac Show * – Soundtrack ComposerWarner/Chappell Music
  • Innocent Black * – Composer (Background Show MusicIndustrial Strength Music





Bruce Hawes' appetite for music began as a young child growing up in Woodbury, N.J. and he's showing no signs of slowing down. He has worked in the music industry since his teenage years, for over 45 years and his list of achievements are never ending. At age 14, Dr. Wiengrad and Dr. Aliferas of Philadelphia's Education Department, two teachers who were also instrumental in the careers of Gregory Hopkins of New York's Metropolitan Opera and Tony Award winner Ron Richardson, vocally trained him. Hawes, along with Richardson, began his recording career at Philadelphia International Records in 1974. Bruce Hawes' voice and professionalism led him to many background vocal opportunities with a slew of singing greats such as Dionne Warwick, Johnny Mathis, The Whispers, Melba Moore, and Luther Vandross, The Stylistics, New York City, Blue Magic, The Spinners and many others. At the age 20, Bruce wrote and produced his instrumental "Bittersweet" for the Sound of Philadelphia Orchestra. "Bittersweet" was eventually featured in the: (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother), MFSB Orchestra's "Greatest Hits" CD. This led to several opportunities for Bruce to write, produce and arrange for the group. Bruce also composed songs for The Spinners, Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, R. Kelly, Tupac Shakur, and The Whispers. His songs have graced film and television, including an NFL players' NBC retirement special in 1975. Bruce Hawes is the CEO of Industrial Strength Music, a publishing company he founded in 1978. The company has worked with artists such as Mary J. Blige, R&B singer Phyllis Hyman, and the 70's group First Choice. Bruce is also the lyricist that helped legendary writer Linda Creed write the Johnny Mathis hit, "Foolish." (Linda Creed wrote the hits "You Make Me Feel Brand New" by The Stylistics and "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston.) Bruce also wrote and produced "Where There is Love" for The Whispers, "Dear Mama" for Tupac Shakur, "Sadie" for R. Kelly, "Closer" album for legendary artist Melba Moore. In 1981, Bruce performed with Melba Moore in a play called "Innocent Black." In 1983, he was featured on French Television with Algerian composer and performer Enrico Macias, "France's Frank Sinatra." Artists worldwide know Bruce Hawes. In 1981, he co-founded the group: THE MYX, which Stevie Wonder signed to an exclusive artist agreement. And in 1987, Bruce Hawes returned to the Philadelphia area and went back to college at Glasboro State College to study classical singing, and performed on stage with a light-opera company in New Jersey. During this time he separated from his wife. His divorce was finalized in 1988. That same year he returned to Philadelphia International Records where he wrote and produced many unknown artists. And Kenny Gamble and he wrote and co-produced a song entitled: "The Kids" for what would be included on the great Phyllis Hyman's final album ever to be recorded. In 1998 Bruce moved to Florida to recover from an attack by muggers in his apartment-loft Center-City Philadelphia. His doctors wrongly predicted that he would never walk again. But he proved them wrong and has recovered his ambulation. While in Florida he would produce from his Florida home many other unknown artists, and would travel to produce other recording projects. In 1999, Mary J. Blige, released his song entitled: "LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER," that was included on her subsequent hit album entitled: "DANCE FOR ME." In 2010 Bruce Hawes released his first solo mini album CD, and the single: "I WANT TO BE MELLOW," went number one in several regions in the world. In 2013 he released his autobiography, GROWING UP IN THE SOUND OF PHILADELPHIA , (From The Inside Out) in response to Oxford University's commissioned textbook: A HOUSE ON FIRE, (The Rise And Fall Of The Philadelphia Soul), which was based on The Sound Of Philadelphia's recording community. Nearly an entire chapter of the book entitled: "I'll Be Around," included the accounts of the contributions of Bruce Hawes and his songwriting partners, Charles Simmons, and Jefferson, to the productions of Grammy Award Winning Producer, Thom Bell. His songs have appeared in several movies including "Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling (1986), directed by Richard Pryor; and several movies by Spike Lee, such as "Do the Right Thing A Spike Lee Joint" (1989), "Crooklyn" (1994), and "Summer of Sam" (1999), "Fighting Temptation" Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Beyoncé Knowles. Bruce Hawes is sill a songwriter, a producer, and stage performer, but he is now also a consultant for artists and record companies worldwide.


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Growing Up In The Sound Of Philadelphia (From The Inside Out) is the first of a three book series to be released by MAWA Inc. Publishing House. The author and founder of our company is available to the public and other authors who would like their work published also. Please feel free to contact the publisher at the number that is listed here at this site.


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