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For too many years I was misunderstood. I heard reports about myself that I knew weren't true. Many did this because they weren't like I was. They were the Kellyanne Conway type of people. They lacked facts so they made things up. Perhaps they wanted to know me. I was a focused man. And, I always had disciplined work habits. I was and I am focused on doing my job well.  I want to reach the goals that I made for myself back then. So when I walked into the studio or the office this wasn't the time to play or meet and greet people. It was "Show Time!" Time for serious thought. So when I arrived to work everyone knew just what I was there for. I came to win! I wrote this book so that everyone would understand just what motivated me then and now. And that is: I am motivated to reach for the top. And I will always treat everyone with love and respect as I move forward in my life. 


James W. Scott shares his personal review of this book: 'This book should have been called “Mighty Love” because Bruce A. Hawes clearly loves The Sound of Philadelphia Recording Community.'

Founders of:


Philadelphia Interanational Records & Mighty Three Music Inc.

Leon Huff, Thom Bell &

Kenny Gamble





By Judy Madley on February 25, 2015


A wonderful book to read about the most successful producers, musicians, writers, singers who brought us TSOP. Bruce writes wonderful history about The Sounds of Philadelphia, from his youth, teenage years in Olney High School up to when he became one of the men and women that made industry history. He learned the music industry from (Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff & Thom Bell). It brought back a lot of memories of time gone by when I was in high school with Bruce.

Format: Paperback
I have just finished this book! This is one of those
books you dont want to end! If you are like me,
and you love soul music, and music from 
Philadelphia, then this book is a must read! 
Thanks to Mr. Bruce Hawes for a trully great read !
Good Insight
from a Blessed
and Talented Guy!!!

By: Michael Ivy
Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase

and easy reading.
I highly endorse
this book.


A Mighty Love 

By James W. Scott  Verified Purchase

Format: Kindle Edition:

Bruce Hawes came from a city of geniuses! A fascinating study of personalities that comprised the second greatest R&B talent pool in history next to Berry Gordy's Motown.

The eBook version from the author is not the final edited version. Get it at

Barnes & Noble Nook.

Photo: Thom Bell 


A Philly Soul Memoir

By Sheldon S. Taylor on September 19, 2013 Verified Purchase

Format: Paperback

During the 1970s, legendary producer Thom Bell was looking for new creative challenges. In tandem with songwriter/ vocalist William Hart and poetic muse Linda Creed, Bell crafted some of the most classic and enduring compositions from the Great American Songbook, reinterpreted by generation after generation. After achieving success with the Delphonics and the Stylistics, rejuvenating the careers of journeyman vocal group the Spinners was next on the Bell agenda.


For his third act, Bell enlisted the songwriting trio of Joe Jefferson, Charlie Simmons and Bruce Hawes to continue his perfect compliment to partners Gamble and Huff's brand of message music. Stretching creative boundaries, they created R&B love songs rivaling country music's detailed storytelling and pop's Carpenter-like wistful emotion.


The songs' reflective wisdom were more Sunday morning church than sexy Saturday night fever. In a time when hit singles drove album sales, Hawes and company elevated the R&B album concept to epic proportions. The non singles were just as great as the hits for devoted listeners who bought the records. With Philadelphia session musicians MFSB providing the soundtrack, the Spinners became international superstars as Hawes and his team wrote hit after hit resulting in consecutive million selling gold albums on the pop and R&B charts. Hawes would go on to become a renowned writer and producer in his own right with the smash "Let No Man Put Asunder" while Bell would win the very first Grammy Award for Producer of The Year for an album named after one of the songs that Bruce Hawes cowrote, Mighty Love. Mr. Hawes cowrote half of the songs for the allbum.


For the first time ever, Bruce Hawes tells the story behind the sound. Delivered in his signature understated yet profound approach that made classic songs like "Sadie" so compelling, Growing Up In The Sound of Philadelphia is a first hand account of an exciting musical period through the eyes of one of the most prolific composers of our time.


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